What If I Could Show You...
How To  Finally
Use Ads Successfully!
Tired of hearing about the power of Facebook™ Ads, but don't know how to use them? You're not alone. It's time to FINALLY use this powerful tool to GROW 
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Here is what you will walk away with, after you complete the workbook…

You Will Have The Blueprint For Effective Ads
Do you have the proper plan in place, that will allow your ads to succeed?
Can You Find Your Target Audience
Do you know how to put your ads in front of the right audience?
Do You Know The First Thing  Your Ad Must Do?
If your ad doesn't do this first, you can kiss success goodbye
We Will Cover...

  • Why you should be using Facebook & Instagram Ads to grow your business

  • You will explore and understand the mindset needed to be successful with ads

  • Step by step instructions to setup your business manager account
  • ​​You will actually learn and understand what the Facebook Pixel is and why it’s so important
facebook ads workbook
  • Learn the basics of campaign objectives and the importance of choosing the right one

  • You will build an interest list to use in your targeting 

  • You will craft the foundations of your Marketing Message

  • ​When you put all this together you will have assembled the framework for a highly successful ad
The Blueprint For Effective Ads
Do you have the proper foundation that will allow you to grow?
A Problem Most Don't Even Know They Have 
Does your ad have these 3 things in alignment?
The One Thing Your Ad Must Do FIRST!
If your ad doesn't do this first, you can kiss success goodbye

The Streets Are Talking!

facebook ads workbook testimonial for a fitzgerald hardnett by tonya r pierce

Hello, I'm Fitzgerald

And I'm your favorite Faith-based digital marketing strategist. 

I've spent the past 7 years learning and specializing in online marketing & sales with an emphasis on e-commerce and brand visibility.  

There has never in history been a time like this, where you & I have the same power and capability to reach our potential consumers, as the big Fortune 500 companies.

The barriers of entry have come down, and Social Media has made this all possible

Facebook advertising specifically, has made it easier than ever. But just like with anything new, there is a learning curve. 

This workbook was created to make your experience, smoother and enjoyable. 

Dive in, engage with the content, then execute ...

To your success...
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